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I will quote from the official bio :)

"Hunter Complex is the moniker of Lars Meijer, a well-known figure in the Dutch underground and co-owner of the Narrominded label. In the late 1990s, Meijer began releasing music under the name, Larz. His early releases are best described as lo-fi pop. In 2000 Meijer started the ‘improvisational electro-acoustic band’, Psychon Troopers (later known as Psychon) with Jantijn Prins and Coen Oscar Polack. To date, Psychon have released six albums steadily abandoning improvisation in favour of composed music. Meijer also formed the electronic music duo Living Ornaments with Polack in 2001. Over the previous decade, Meijer found the time to record numerous acts under the pseudonym Biff Eighties . These include: Boutros Bubba, Makazoruki, Pfaff, Gone Bald, De Reizende Verkoper and Morbide Eenheid. He has also contributed a track, Desert, to the prestigious Enfant Terrible label. In 2016 Meijer has added remixing to his skillset, with the Amsterdam pop band Apneu being his first victims. Meijer started working as Hunter Complex in 2008."

On his webpage, Hunter Complex regularly posts #Synthwave playlists on Spotify, so be sure to check them out!













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