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"Courage" by Sonic Gap

Sonic Gap is releasing his album "Courage" on November 29th.

I was one of the lucky ones to get a sneak preview of it :)

This is a 80's inspired album with 50% analog synths. Sonic Gap plays all guitar parts, sings the vocal parts and does the production himself (mixing/mastering).

12 tracks inspired by:

-classical,pop, jazz music, EDM

-Bands like Eurythmics, Depeche Mode, Phil Collins, Alphaville, Van Halen, The Police and more

-classic old school arcade games.

I was excited to listen to "the occasional chiptune arp" as well! People should use more of that...

Congratulations Sonic Gap for your new release! I'm sure everyone will love this album!

Thank you again for the privilege of the sneak preview.

Can't wait for the release date, for updating the "Forgive me Twitter" playlist :D

You can find Sonic Gap here:









I already have a post about Sonic Gap's playlists on Spotify, check it out here :)


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