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Melt your dialup modem ☎️🔥🖥️ (if you still have one )

New chippy tune!

New instumental remix of "I Forgot To Upgrade My Firmware"

Unstable circuits EP

Music Video - Dance to the bit! (Extended version)

Exclusively on Bandcamp as bonus download!

Artist Bio

“80's kid. Today, a paladin who's making synthwave, chiptune, chipwave music (after working hours).”

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Chiptunes and stuff 🎮 - 8bit - retro - vgm - arcade

Chiptunes, 8bit, retro, bitpop, chipmusic, videogame music, Gameboy music, demoscene. Maybe some synthwave too.

This/That WAVE - Synthwave playlist

Synthwave, vaporwave, microwave. Thiswave. Thatwave.

Chipmetal 🤘 Synthmetal

Chipmetal. 8bit - retro - synth - metal playlist.

Last Shorts

Player 0x1e32b3ed6 Ready

New EP out now on Bandcamp!

Dial-up meltdown

New single out now on Bandcamp!

Glistening - CoolAm7 remix

New remix track out now!

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